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Lines, shades, and color become the design for him to see the world. His love for art started when he was a child. He spent most of his time playing with colours and clay sculptures more than anything else. His curiosity, creativity, and willingness to learn which lead him to learn art by himself. His main focus was on the nature of life, futuristic thinking, the emotion of life and modern life.

His passion for the painting based on impasto sculpture of acrylic paintings on canvas. His mediums are acrylic, acrylic modeling clay, drywall paste, crystals, clay, wax and other acrylic glossy mediums to express his vision of art. He uses palette knives, brushes, and mostly his own tools which he creates his own. He was naturally talented to paint and make the sculpture without going to school to learn it. His creation of work mostly expresses mysterious stories of conscious and unconscious mind to see and feel the work of art which include human emotions, the direction of life, deep down desires, hopes, questions, thoughts, meaning, modern life, and future.

He was born in Jaffna, Sri Lanka; the pearl of Indian Ocean. He has migrated to Toronto, Canada to pursue his life of art. He is living and working in Toronto, Canada now.  His passion for art grow even more to live and work in the diversity of ethnic groups, cultures, food, art, music and much more Toronto has to offer. The diversity and infinity of Toronto are leading him to achieve the true passion of his love of creation.

Beside his work of art; he has the passion for music, food, and business. He loves to play percussion drums such as Tabla & Dholak (Indian percussion drum). His love for music never stops there; he is learning violin now which is the music of emotions. He loves to try out new recipes that he creates his own to show his true love to his family & friends. In addition, he owns a small federal corporation in Toronto, Canada; called “KM DESIGN GROUPS”. He is providing creative business strategies and developments which is the best work of online marketing, business developments, hardware developments, software developments, mobile apps developments, e-commerce and much more to support any business in Toronto to reach their customers on time.

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